Law Offices of Brian C. Ito, PC | Why Hire Us?
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Why Hire Us?

We are knowledgeable, aggressive and effective.

We aggressively pursue our clients’ rights to benefits, and our knowledge and understanding of the law ensures that clients receive all to which they are entitled in connection with their claims including permanent disability, temporary disability, medical treatment, and retraining benefits.  We do not take the path of least resistance.  We do not quit.

We respond.

We value our clients and we treat our clients the way we’d like our family to be treated.  A workers’ compensation claim can be stressful, and we appreciate that a prompt response to a client’s question (be it simple or complex), can go a long way toward easing that client’s anxiety.  Have a question or concern?  We answer your calls.  We respond to your messages.

Have you been going it alone?  We can help.

A claims adjuster’s job is to limit payouts on your claim, not to ensure your physical or financial well-being.  Rule #1: The claims adjuster is not your friend.

Usually, the largest determinant of your claim’s value are the medical opinions of the doctors who evaluate your injury. It is almost never a good idea to settle a claim based solely on the reporting of a doctor who works for your employer’s injury clinic, though claims adjusters will push early settlements based on such reports to avoid the cost and potential consequences of a second opinion.  Oftentimes, insurance companies will push settlements knowing that there’s additional liability that’s not been fully explored or considered.  (See Rule #1.)  If you’ve been offered a settlement by the insurance company for your injury, speak with us before you sign the settlement to make sure that the settlement is fair and reasonable.

If you are at the point in your case where you are about to be examined by a qualified medical evaluator (QME), give us a call before the examination takes place.  If a panel of doctors issued while you were not represented by an attorney, we can get that panel replaced, if necessary.  You should also consider speaking with us before your deposition is taken by the insurance company to determine if representation may be of benefit to your claim.

If your claim has been denied, don’t give up.  Claims are routinely denied on improper grounds, and we can determine whether your case is viable.  We can also provide advice on how to apply for other benefits that will provide you with an income while your claim is litigated.  If you have been offered a minimal settlement after your claim’s been denied, give us a call.

If a family member has passed away, and your family member’s death was caused in part by a work injury, there are potentially enormous benefits that may be recoverable by your deceased family member’s dependents.  Give us a call to discuss.

Our representation costs nothing up front.

Our fee is based on the results we achieve on your behalf.  If we do not recover an award in your case, we are not entitled to a fee.

If you are not represented by an attorney and the insurance company has filed a document called a “Declaration of Readiness to Proceed”, an attorney’s fee may be payable by the insurance company without deduction from your settlement or award.  If you are unrepresented and your case is set for a hearing, contact us immediately so that we may determine if we can assist.

We offer free consultations to prospective clients and are always happy to review your file documents and answer any questions you may have about your case.  Your questions will be thoroughly answered by an attorney, not a paralegal or assistant.  If our usual business hours don’t work for you, we can make arrangements to speak with you at a more convenient time.